Fashion Model - Pack of 3




FASHION MODEL, Mid-season to late.(B. S. Duncan). Soprano x Eastern Promise [D 2656]. An amazingly consistent deep pink cupped show flower which has always been given 4 or 5 stars in annual assessment notes. The perianth segments are beautifully smooth, broadly shovel shaped, slightly pointed and with an attractive ムliltメ or mild reflex which lends distinctive character. Alas, colour coding difficulties again ヨ should it be 2W-P as it opens, 2W-WPP in mid-life or 2W-WWP at full maturity. Certainly a dual purpose flower for RHS Shows as evidenced by the prize winning blooms in both classes at the 2005 London Late competition. Whichever, we feel that this flower will have a regular winning future. Best Bloom in Show Belfast 2005; First Prize London 2005; included in winning John Lea Trophy and Devonshire Cup groups 2005.


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