Tulip 'Orange Princess' Pack of 8 bulbs



The colour of the flower of the Orange Princess tulip bulb is orange. The outer petals have purple/red and sometimes green flames. This double tulip flower smells wonderful. The flower stands on a sturdy stem of about 25 cm. high. The stem and leaves are hard green. Because the Orange Princess tulip bulb does not grow that high, it is very suitable for planting in a pot.

The tulip bulb Orange Princess belongs to the group "double tulips". These tulip bulbs bloom over a long period. They are not that high, 30 - 50 cm., and stand on sturdy stems. Due to their lower height, these tulip bulbs are less sensitive to wind. These tulip bulbs have thick, full flowers. These flowers open wide on a sunny day. The flowers then have a diameter of 7.5 to 10 cm.