Narcissus cuatrecasasii



It is related to N. rupicola but it is more robust and it has wider leaves which a grey-green colour. In addition it can sometimes carry more than one flower per scape and these are held on much longer pedicels. In addition, the corona of cuatrecasasii is not lobed.

It likes a fertile, well-drained, loam-based compost. A few, planted outside in a sunny, raised bed of gritty loam grow well outside with us here, but it can also be pot-grown if you wish, under alpine glass and this is how we prefer to keep it, simply to ensure its sets good, true seed, from hand-pollination rather than from random bees in the garden!

Narcissus cuatrecasasii is named for the Spanish botanist Dr. José Cuatrecasas (1903-1996)