DENA, Late mid-season. (B. S. Duncan). {Sdg. 1560 = Cupid’s Eye x (Sdg. 967 = (High Society x Valinor)} x {(Sdg. 980 = (Ken’s Favourite x Fragrant Rose) x High Society} [D 2167]. A wonderfully bright and cheery flower with a long ‘pink’ pedigree but the sharply defined 5mm cup rim has intensified to deep sparkling cherry red, which is further enhanced by the green eye and mid zone which matures from yellow to pure white. The broad, round and flat perianth of poeticus whiteness is of heavy substance and smooth texture. A lovely addition to Div. 3 pinks - or should it be White/Reds – colour coding presented a problem. “Dena” is popular with all who have become acquainted. First London 2007.


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