Zwynner - Pack of 3




ZWYNNER, Mid-season (B. S. Duncan). Brindle Pink x Eastern Promise [D 2253]. This large flower regularly received 5* markings in annual assessment notes and has appeared in several winning ム12メ bloom classes ヨ the classes into which we put our very best blooms. Distinct in style, the perianth segments are broad and flat and of a lovely deep lemon-yellow shade with a white halo at the base. The almost cylindrical, slightly fluted and deeply serrated corona is in ideal proportion and is of a sun resistant deep pink. There is nothing puny about this flower ヨ it has great vigour, very strong stems, excellent pose and good strong leaves. We think it brings something distinct and special to the yellow/pink group. First Belfast 2012; First RHS late show 2010, 2011.