Problem Child - Pack of 3




PROBLEM CHILD, Late. (B. S. Duncan). Quickstep O.P. x Fragrant Rose [D 2631]. This flower is from a cross deliberately seeking two elusive characteristics  fragrance and pink in the perianth. Fragrance is achieved and pink in the perianth is definitely there in the early phases of flower's maturity and is chosen for the perianth colour code. Division is also debatable  Div. 2 or Div. 7? We have chosen the former because of the outbreeding that results in only one flower per stem. Also, when entered as a Div. 7 at Omagh Show there was much debate and the concensus seemed to be that it was a Div. 2 and should have been in the ムIntermediateメ class ヨ even though the judges gave it First Prize! Whatever the views of others we think that this is a most attractive Intermediate show flower with potential for breeding fragrant daffodils with deeper pink perianths. First RHS Late Show 2012.
77mm Intermediate