Causeway Sunset - Pack of 3




CAUSEWAY SUNSET, Late. (T. D. Turbitt). Pipe Major x Popcorn [94/09]. Every once in a while something really special comes along. We think that this is such a flower because of its wonderful colour in both perianth and corona and itメs amazingly consistent exhibition quality. In addition it is a strong vigorous plant with tall straight stems, good necks and excellent pose - and it makes wonderfully large round bulbs. We think that amateur breeder Derrick Turbitt may just have raised a flower to match (in daffodil terms) the renown, appeal and longevity of Jimmy Kennedyメs song ムRed Sails in the Sunsetメ - which was inspired by the same Atlantic view as enjoyed from the Turbitt daffodil plot. Far too many Best in Show and awards to list.


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