Volcanic Rim - Pack of 3


VOLCANIC RIM,Late mid-season. (B. S. Duncan). [Cupid’s Eye x (High Society x Valinor)] x [(Ken’s Favourite x Fragrant Rose) x High Society] [D 2275]. We think that this is probably the brightest and deepest coloured Div. 3 rimmed pink yet raised. So pink, indeed, is the colour that it might well be classified as red. However, we believe that this would give a wrong impression of the colour and its origin. With very smooth, broad and blunt triangular major segments, minors only slightly narrower, and a neat serrated and lobed saucer shaped corona; this is a most attractive and novel flower. Included in winning Lea Trophy Classes 2003 and 2005, chosen as Best Seedling at the RHS Late Competition 2005 and also as a candidate for the Ralph B. White Memorial Medal.
This is a really good addition to the class for Div. 3 with pink in the cup, for which good flowers are scarce. A good sturdy plant with strong rigid stems and a good neck. Should be a good breeder for Div. 3 pinks. First Belfast 2007.