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Esker Farm Daffodils



COLISEUM, Late mid-season (B. S. Duncan). [Vernal Prince x (Aircastle x Woodland Prince)] x (Westholme x Megalith) [D 2265]. Having made numerous crosses seeking something better than “Ringleader” it was a surprise to find it come from all yellow cupped parentage, and what a flower! It has a large, round, smooth and beautifully proportioned pure white, consistent perianth of great substance. The deep yellow bowl-shaped cup is lightly frilled around the brilliant orange-red 5mm rim. What’s more is that the colour seems to be completely sun proof. We think that this flower is something special. First Prize London Late Comp. 2005,2011,2012 and included in winning Champ. of Ireland and Royal Mail Trophy Groups, Belfast 2005. First Belfast 2011. A wonderful strong, vigorous and free flowering plant.
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